Teachers to Parents: Your Kids and Tech

Posted by: www.ncrtec.org

Teachers and parents have long had a symbiotic relationship and it’s only getting more complicated with more technologies. From Home security systems to smart phones, kids are better at tech than ever before and if teachers had their way, here are a few of the things they would tell parents
Leave the Phone at Home - Teachers hate that every 10 year old now has a cell phone and it’s even worse when they can’t seem to get the message that they’re not to be used in class. If your child has a cell phone make sure they leave it at home or in their backpacks.
Practice Computer Skills - We know you’ve likely got a home computer and your kid should be using it! It would be great if we didn’t have to work with them so much on typing and mouse usage so get on the computer with them to teach them these skills at home.
Ditch the Calculator - Sure there aren’t many opportunities in the adult world to use algebra but your kids need to know it anyway. Please help us teach them math the long way but not buying them a calculator that’s bigger than their desk.

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