How to Hold a Successful Parent Conference

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It’s Parent Conference time again! This is a stressful time for educators and parents. There are a number of conferences that educators need to have time to complete thoroughly. A few tricks of the trade can make your conference go as smoothly as possible and also allow you to feel prepared for your conference. The first step is to prepare all materials before the conferences. When I have conducted my conferences I like to place all information for the students in easily accessible file folders. This helps when the parents arrive to have all important information ready for them and more importantly at your fingertips. Another tip I use when doing a great deal of conferences is to have a questionnaire for the parent to fill out and return to you before the conference. This helps to give the conference a clear purpose. You will know if there are any questions that you may not be prepared to answer and this gives you time to find the correct and appropriate answer for their child. The best advice to having successful parent conferences is to listen to the parent. After all, we are just borrowing their child for the school year!Take a look here to learn more: Why Can’t We Hold Parents Accountable Any More?

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