Positive Classroom Behavior Plans That Work

It seems every year there are students who do not want to go to school. There are also those who go to school just to make the class miserable. There are some ways that teachers and parents can reinforce positive behavior in the classroom while making it fun for the students.
One of the most popular ways that teachers are getting across the idea of positive behavior is with cards in the class. A basic idea of cards is that the teacher has a space on a wall that has each student-s name on it. Under the name, there are four colored cards that are green, yellow, orange and red. These cards represent a good day, an ok day, a not so good day, and a very bad day. If the student does not get in trouble during the day, they can stay on green all day long. If the teacher has to call on that student for talking or some other behavior, they would turn to the next card after green. If the student gets to orange or red, a note or phone call is made to the parent or principal. At the end of the week, students who are still on green can get a small reward. This will motivate students to do a good job during the week.
Another idea that can be used in the classroom and at home is a ticket system. The teacher or parent will need to make tickets or buy them at a store and keep them in a jar or bowl. When the child does something that is asked of them, or if they are exhibiting good behavior in school or at home, they will get a ticket. On a designated day, the child can spend their tickets on small items that the teacher or parent purchases.