Using Recycled Materials to Creat Art Projects

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One of the coolest trends in crafting is the upcycle. Upcycling is taking old objects and repurposing them. Here are several of my daughter’s favorite upcycled activities that will fill a rainy afternoon.

1. The Tin Can Desk Organizer.
This activity has gotten rave reviews from my fellow crafters. Take some tin cans (I use about seven) clean them, and peel off the labels. Allow to dry. Take the tin cans and use a glue gun to attach the cans to one another. Hint: arrange the cans in a design first using clothes pins to hold them together. Make sure your design includes a flat surface for the cans to rest. I used two side by side, turned with the openings facing me, as a base. Then add glue and additional cans. Remove clothes pins once the glue is dry. Feel free to decorate with ribbons, paint, etc.

2. Magnets as Art.
Take old business magnets and cut them into circles. Then, cut out designs from old magazines in the same size. Glue the magazine piece to the magnet front. Place a clear glass candle scape rock atop the magazine piece to magnify it using hot glue. Voila! Designer magnets!

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