Let the Dogs Do the Talking

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Animal Planet and plenty of other news outlets you might find in your directv deals have been talking about it - reading to dogs. It’s actually a pretty powerful teaching tool and there are a few reasons why more and more teachers are letting the dogs do the talking.

Well, not literally.

When children are developing, one of the major problems in communication comes from kids who are too shy or timid to speak out loud. There are a number of causes for this, sometimes it just happens. It’s a problem though because kids should be able to introduce themselves, answer when called, read out loud, etc.

Dogs make it easier for these kids to open up. Kids, for the most part, love dogs and there is a certain, nurturing quality to them when it comes to kids. Teachers use these dogs as a way to get these kids to open up by reading out loud to them.

Through doing this, kids develop the confidence and the skill necessary to speak without feeling fear or pressure. With how successful it’s been in recent years, who knows? We might start seeing dogs as regular parts of any elementary school classroom. Just another way they’re man’s best friend.

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