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This Web site is intended to help teachers write focused lesson plans. The Planner addresses essential questions that are often overlooked when planning curriculum units. Teachers bring their own content and are guided through each section by answering specific questions. The result is a comprehensive lesson plan aligned with standards that addresses assessment, content, teaching strategies and use of technology.

To use the Planner:

  • Gather curriculum, content, and resources you will be using.
  • Answer the questions in the Planner.
  • Print the final lesson plan! No information that you enter here is stored by NCRTEC. Follow the instructions for saving the lesson plan to a disk.
  • The final step (#8) is Lesson Evaluation and Teacher Reflection. This reflection should be completed after the lesson has been taught.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Questions: What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, strategies, and attitudes do you expect students to gain? What important content and concepts will students learn?

Questions: What local, state, or national standards will be addressed?

State standards

Step 3:

Why would your students care or want to know about this topic? What "big" questions will generate discussion about this topic? What questions will be asked to help students focus on important aspects of this topic?

Step 4:

Questions: How will you know your students have reached the lesson goal? What assessment tools will you use? How will students be involved in ongoing assessment? How will students assess themselves? How can technology support and/or enhance assessment?

See also:
Critical Issues: An NCREL article with valuable links about assessment.
HP*RTEC Checklists: Customize age-appropriate checklists to lead students through projects. The checklists are in English and Spanish!
HP*RTEC RubiStar: Customize rubrics for many different student activities.

Step 5:

Questions: What student needs, interests, and prior learning are a foundation for this lesson? What conceptual difficulties might students have? What curriculum connections will you make in this lesson with other topics you teach?

Step 6:

Questions: What engaged and worthwhile learning activities and tasks will your students complete? How will they build knowledge and skills; learn independently and with others; demonstrate knowledge, ability, and creativity; and manage learning? In what ways is this lesson challenging, authentic, and multidisciplinary? How can the use of technology support student learning?

Step 7:

Questions: What instructional practices will you use with this lesson? How will your learning environment support these activities? What is your role? What are the students' roles in the lesson? How can the use of technology support your teaching?

Questions: How and where will your students work? Classroom, lab, groups, etc.? How will you provide for students with special needs? How will you modify this lesson for individual learning needs? How will you use additional resources? How can the use of technology support classroom management?

Questions: What other support services and resources will you need? How can technology extend and enhance the lesson in ways that would not be possible without it? Will you need additional people to help with this lesson?

Step 8:

On your lesson plan, there will reflective questions that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson plan.


Don't Forget to Save Your Lesson Plan

Use the button below to create a "Printer-friendly version" of your lesson plan. Once you have done this, you can save the lesson plan by going to the "File" menu and choosing "Save As." You may be prompted to save the file as text or html (source). The simplest approach is to save as text.

You may use the back button on your browser to return to this page if you want to edit your lesson plan.

NCRTEC does not save any information from this form.


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