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Professional Development

Blueprints is a practical toolkit to help schools, disctricts, and other providers design and facilitate effective professional development.

Captured Wisdom™
Captured Wisdom™ vignettes provide examples of real educators and learners using successful practices of technology to support instruction and learning in their classrooms.

Curriculum Mapping Web Site
This NCREL interactive Web site is designed to assist districts in their efforts to map out new mathematics and science curricula. Use this site to compare the breadth of your curriculum to that of top achieving nations.

Engaged Learning Bibliography
The Bibliography of Research and Resources on Technology and Engaged Learning is an annotated list of resources and documents that support engaged learning.

Leadership and Learning With Technology
The Leadership and Learning With Technology modules support educators in their journey toward effective technology integration. Administrators, classroom teachers, and other members of the education community will find direction, reflection, and resources to gain greater understanding of technology's impact on learning.

These six interrelated modules focus on the planning and actions essential for initiating, implementing, managing, and supporting a productive educational technology plan in schools. Each module combines discussion, reflection, and authentic experiences with illustrative demonstrations of best practice. They include a wide range of technology-oriented analysis, planning, and skill-development exercises. More important, the modules emphasize guided experimentation, mentoring, collaboration, and application.

Learning With Technology

Learning With Technology Profile Tool
The Learning With Technology Profile Tool helps teachers and technology planning teams consider how they use technology to achieve engaged learning. The Learning With Technology Profile Tool is available as a free downloadable computer program and as a World Wide Web page.

Professional Development Web Site
This NCREL site is designed for school and district-level teachers, administrators, and others interested in improving professional development. It includes a comprehensive view of professional development and links to NCREL professional development tools like "Professional Development: Learning From the Best," a toolkit that takes the best practices of award-winning schools and organizes them into a step-by-step planner for designing and implementing professional development.

Scoring Guide for Student Products
The Scoring Guide for Student Products was created to evaluate the content knowledge and the effective use of technology in communicating ideas and information that is evident in the products that students create with computers.

Screen Timer
The Screen Timer is an easy-to-use, computer-based countdown timer with optional visual and audio alerts. It operates on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Technology Standards for School Administrators
The Collaborative for Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA Collaborative) has developed and documented a national consensus on what Pre-K-12 administrators should know about and be able to do to optimize benefits of technology use in schools. This consensus was released by the TSSA Collaborative in November 2001 as Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA). NCRTEC, a founding member of the Collaborative, makes the TSSA available in a Web version, a PDF version, and in printed format. Contact Us for the print version. For further information, visit the TSSA Web site.

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Technology Professional Development Web Site
NCREL's planning resource for technology professional developers, school technology specialists, and K-12 administrators is organized around several themes: Visualizing Technology-Supported Engaged Learning, Current Reality, Effective Staff Development, Evaluation, and Implementation.

North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium
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