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Captured Wisdom™ on Adult Literacy


Choose from the stories below or on the left to begin your exploration of Captured Wisdom™ On Adult Literacy. After each story, you may listen to the featured teachers answer questions about the projects.

As part of The Antarctica Project, adult learners correspond electronically with a scientist in Antarctica to learn about research and life on the ice-covered continent.

The Home Countries project allows ESL learners to share memories of their home countries with new friends by using the Internet to find pictures and information for written and oral reports.

In The Mars Project, learners go on an electronic fieldtrip to Mars and use project resources to learn about the environment and rocketry.

In The Restaurant Problem, students in central Illinois act as consultants hired to save a failing restaurant. Learners use technology to deal with irate customers, schedule work hours, and design new menus.

Intrepid Tales tells the story of an adult learning class that relies on technology to help them publish an account of their fieldtrip to the Intrepid.

In Creating Family Histories, ESL learners develop English and technology skills simultaneously by using a variety of technologies to present family histories online.

Students who work on Presenting the Whole Package learn how to use business software and make presentations by developing personal electronic slide shows and professional portfolios.


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