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Technology Challenges During Teachers' Induction Years


From the Center for Excellence in Education (now CRLT) in collaboration with NCRTEC.


The induction years are critical to teacher development and, to a large extent, shape the attitudes and behaviors that are maintained throughout a teacher's career. These first years are when teachers decide if they will remain in the profession, and statistics show that one-third to one-half of all new teachers decide to leave within their first five years (Darling-Hammond, 1990). Past researchers have highlighted the unique challenges of beginning teachers including the prevailing "sink or swim" attitude, the poor transition from theory to practice, and the fact that teaching is the only profession where beginners are expected to act like veterans. Recent trends toward integrating technology into the curriculum have placed additional challenges on new teachers entering the field. This booklet will address challenges faced by new teachers and offers possible solutions.

Part 1: Challenges and Issues
Part 2: What is Your TQ (Technology Quotient)?
Part 3: What is Your School's TQ (Technology Quotient)?
Part 4: Teacher Prepared, School Prepared
Part 5: Teacher Prepared, School Unprepared
Part 6: Teacher Unprepared, School Prepared
Part 7: Teacher Unprepared, School Unprepared
Part 8: Conclusion
Part 9: Resources

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