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Learning with Technology Profile Tool


The increasing accessibility of the Internet, advent of high performance technologies, and widespread acknowledgment that technology should play an important role in education are all pressuring schools to develop, implement, and evaluate technology plans. However, planning for technology integration is difficult when most members of the school planning team have little technical experience. More significantly, these individuals typically have limited visions of how to plan for technology because they have not seen many cases of students and teachers using technology in innovative ways that result in engaged learning. Furthermore, school teams lack the tools necessary to make critical assessments about how well the implementation of their plan is resulting in technology-supported engaged learning experiences for their students.

NCRTEC and NCREL are developing a suite of tools to support schools in technology planning and integration. The Learning With Technology Profile Tool is a computer program intended to help educators think carefully about their practice in the areas of engaged learning and technology. The program presents indicators of engaged learning and indicators of technology. For each indicator there are three choices that educators can compare to their own practice. When finished, educators can view the results in a graphical format to help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The Learning with Technology Profile Tool is available as a downloadable computer program or on the World Wide Web:

North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium
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