How Do Anabolic Steroids Work? Anabolic steroids are also frequently called anabolic androgenic steroids, and they refer to a type of synthetic hormone supplement that’s derived from testosterone, which is the main hormone responsible for secondary male sex characteristics. The release of testosterone triggers the onset of puberty in boys, which is also known as the androgenic effect. Anabolic steroids have a number of applications in both medicine and in enhanced sports performance. In the medical community, some forms of anabolic steroids are prescribed to individuals with health conditions that result in too-low levels of testosterone. Some individuals who have the AIDS virus or certain types of cancer also benefit from prescribed anabolic steroid based medications. Another frequent use of these kinds of androgenic steroids is to speed up muscle building in athletes. Particularly body builders often try these kinds of steroids when they’re in the process of weight training in order to bulk up. Lifting heavy weights for numerous repetitions will create microscopic tears in the fibers of the muscle groups, and the natural repair process of the body will start repairing those tears. Larger muscle cells will be generated in order to build up a stronger fiber. This bulking process is called muscular hypertrophy, and its repeated cycle will result in muscle bulking over time. Once an individual takes an anabolic steroid, the supplement goes through the bloodstream and gets carried to the fibers of the muscle tissue. Each muscle cell has a set of receivers called androgen receptors, and these connect to the steroid when it’s picked up. Anabolic steroids interact with the DNA of muscle cells and promote much better muscle cell growth through the process of protein synthesis. Androgenic steroids work to block cortisol from connecting to the receptor sites of the muscle cells. The blocked cortisol will lower the process of the muscle fibers breaking down. Fewer muscle fiber tears mean smaller amounts of muscle fatigue as well as faster recovery times. While these types of steroids do have their benefits, some can also have side effects in certain individuals. Every person’s body chemistry is somewhat different, and some may experience side effects from these steroids much more than others. While many types of these hormone supplements are only legally available with a doctor’s prescription, some others are available through online sellers. Before ordering any of these supplements, it’s advisable to double check the legality of these online vendors. Checking past testimonials is also advisable when considering this option for athletic performance enhancement. Working with the body’s natural protein synthesis process, the use of androgenic steroids will result in more muscle bulk due to increased testosterone levels. Muscles both bulk up and heal much faster from the strain of intense work-out sessions. Due to higher levels of testosterone, male bodybuilders also experience increased energy levels and the ability to power through longer gym sessions of living heavier weights. Female bodybuilders also sometimes use these supplements, but in lower dosages to avoid the unwanted side effects of elevated testo