The Decision Process For Choice Of Health Care Facility As a patient, getting the best health care is the most important things. However, sometimes you may be faced with the decision to choose the most appropriate service provider. In order to make a rational decision, the rationale used should be guided by a number of reasons. The kind of treatment sought Since there are different speciality areas, one is required to choose a facility that provides the kind of treatment they are seeking. Some large institutions may have all kinds of specialists while smaller facilities may not. A little research will reveal whether or not the specialist you require is available in the facility of your choice. The cost of treatment This is a major factor irrespective of whether a patient is paying cash or through insurance. A facility that is considered more affordable is preferred in either case holding the quality of services provided constant. The expertise and experience of practitioners Patients prefer to be treated by practitioners that they perceive to be highly skilled and experienced. A facility that has skilled and experienced practitioners in different fields is therefore more likely to get more clients. Referral Patients usually request for information on given facilities from their family and friends. Referral is a very valuable information on the quality of services, the quality of facilities and the fees charged by a facility. Businesses can tap into referral to generate more business especially for commercial institutions. Type of institution A health facility can either be privately run, run by an NGO or run by the government. Most people prefer private institutions or those run by NGOs as they are more efficient in service delivery. Most people would prefer not to be taken to commercially run institutions as they may concentrate more on making profits as opposed to treating clients well. Reputation The overall reputation of an institution may attract or chase away clients. Institutions that are known for effective and efficient service delivery are preferred to those with bad reputation. A single practitioner in an entire institution may result in poor reputation and therefore practitioners are advised to treat all patients with absolute care and importance. Quality of facilities Are the facilities well maintained and clean? Is the place sanitized? Cleanliness is very important in a health institution as it prevents worsening of cases or spread of diseases amongst patients. Convenience of location Is the facility easily accessible? Does it have parking space for its patients and their visitors? Is the facility accessible through public transport? A facility that is located near transport facilities is more likely to get more clients. Other factors Other factors that may play a role in the choice of an institution are the perceived security of the region, availability of information about the health care facility and its workers, quality of services, age of the patients and the kind of payment channels. Sometimes, as a patient, you may choose a specific institution because of how it makes you feel.