What To Know About Making Your Great Pre Workout Tablets When we think of supplements, we often think of the ready-made, over the counter. However, a supplement, in essence, is anything that you use (or take) to provide additional nutritional support for your existing lifestyle. For example, if you are embarking on a weight loss program that involves an extensive workout program, then you may find pre workout supplements to be useful. Best of all, you can make your own supplement. Tips For Making The Best Pre Workout Supplement The quality of any pre or post workout supplement lies in the quality of its ingredients, as well as how you take it. As such, below, we look at what you need to know about these supplements and how you can make your own. Generally, opt for those options that utilize natural ingredients you can readily find in stores and in forms that can make a shake or smoothie which the body can easily metabolize. 1. Make it a shake A shake or smoothie is one of the easiest and perhaps one of the best ways to get supplemental nutrition. They are quick and easy to make and the body puts them to use quickly because of their liquid form. All you need are the ingredients, a recipe of sorts, a blender and voila – you have a lovely pre workout shake to help make your workouts that much more effective. 2. It should be protein based Proteins are an important part of any workout shake. Proteins help the body build muscle and subsequently speeds up your metabolism and helps it metabolize fats more quickly. Taking added proteins (the right kind and in adequate amounts) is also a great way to get that extra energy or oomph your body will need as you workout – thereby helping you to get the most from your workout. In essence, a properly balanced, protein based, pre workout supplement will help you get leaner quicker. 3. Use the right ingredients As stated before, in the world of workout supplements, ingredients are king. Some must have ingredients that should be included in your pre workout supplement include caffeine (gets you up and moving with added energy – 100-150mg is usually a good starting point), Citrulline Malate (which allows for the extra blood flow to the muscles), and Creatine (makes muscles more efficient and anabolic so you can lift heavier weights for a little longer and get lean quicker). With these three ingredients in your shake,  you will have the best pre workout supplements around. All three of these ingredients (as well as others) can be found in many a health foods store. Commit to using them in your shake before your daily workouts and watch your body transform.