A Career In Health Care If you enjoy working with people and have a passion for caring, medicine or nursing, a career in health care is probably ideal for you. One of the big appeals of looking for work in the health care industry is that the field offers so many diverse options, ranging from nursing assistant to dentist, from surgeon to medical biller. The other big advantage of a health care career is that the industry offers plenty of opportunities for advancement and is one of the most secure industries there are. Many careers in the health and medicine fields are extremely well paid, and it isn’t unusual for hospitals to offer a sign on bonus to new staff. There will always be a need for qualified and knowledgeable health care professionals. Advances in medicine are being made almost daily, with the result that the technology and procedures used in health and medicine are constantly changing – another appeal for many. Because there are so many possible different health related careers, it makes sense to start narrowing down options and focusing on what is best for you as early as possible. Many health and nursing jobs require many years of college and training, so it’s important to know that a certain career is right for you. However, there are many types of careers in medicine and health that don’t require a college degree, or years of studying. Look for career days and open house events at hospitals and other health care facilities in your area. Most hospitals welcome volunteers, and this can be an excellent way to get a feel for the different jobs available, and whether any are right for you. There are some key questions to ask yourself if you are considering one of the many careers in health or medicine. Consider the age group with which you feel most comfortable – you may enjoy working with older people, in which case a job in a nursing home or assisted living facility may be a good fit. If you feel passionately about working with infants, a job as a children’s nurse or doctor might be a possibility. Many medical jobs are stressful and fast paced, and you should ask yourself whether a job as a doctor in a busy hospital is right for you. And you may have an interest in a particular branch of health or medicine, such as head injuries, mental health, or sports injuries. Keep in mind that many doctors, nurses and surgeons work long and often unsociable hours. However, there are many other jobs in health care which aren’t quite as stressful. Any large hospital has dozens of administrative jobs, as well as receptionist, cafeteria and maintenance jobs. If you like the idea of working for yourself and setting your own schedule, you may like the idea of a nursing assistant role, or perhaps a job as  medical biller and coder. Keep in mind that your skills may and qualifications may not be transferable from one state to another, and many health positions require employees to be re-certified regularly, or take ongoing training. A career in health care can be financially rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. If this stable and diverse field interests you, your perfect job may be out there waiting for you – you just have to find it.